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Men's Services

Our Men's services are available in Northampton and Milton Keynes.


We provide our services to people of all faiths, or none, and regardless of their crimes, age, ethnicity, cultural background, gender Identity, sexuality, or disability.  

In our dealings with clients, we work with the Criminal's Justice System, never against it, and are committed to working in partnership with statutory and non-statutory organisations.

Intensive Support

One to one support is provided for men that have offended needing intensive specialist support. We rely heavily on our good working relationship with local statutory and voluntary agencies and are committed to working with them to support their integration back into the community.

The Reconnect Project

Reconnect is a care after custody project provided to prison leavers and aims to ensure that the transfer into the community and health services is effective and comprehensive. Our service works in partnership with prison staff and probation services and is funded by NHS England.

The Reconnect Project provides 1-2-1 holistic support to individuals that are considered to be more vulnerable to poor health outcomes when leaving custodial environments and as a result require support with, accommodation, money management, social networks, healthy lifestyle choices and more.


The CSTR Project requires us to work alongside the Courts, The National Probation Service, IAPT and ARC to carry out Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol pre-screening assessments on offenders that are suspected to have either mental health, drugs or alcohol difficulties. If identified as suitable during the screening process and the courts award an MHTR. 

We will then work alongside relevant services to provide personalised support for each  to improve the long-term perspectives of service users.​​

Bring back the weekly support hub...

C​2C used to run a weekly support hub where trained staff and volunteers work together with specialist agencies providing support in a number of areas including; planning for the future, budgeting, health and wellbeing, benefit advice, personal counselling, drugs and alcohol support, handling debt. The hub was a safe male only environment. We would like to re-start this. Can you help?

Two Men Fishing

C2C accept referrals from various agencies that place them into the lives of people leaving the prison system. From the moment C2C are on your case you have the opportunity to work with a holistic and caring Charity.

Some people leave prison and they are able to pick up their lives and carry on… many can’t. Hearing the weighty doors of Justice close behind you on the way out can feel like freedom or it can place you in world where you feel alien, disconnected and isolated.

I guess my very first impression of C2C was the feeling of recognition, without any prejudice. The second impression was that of dealing with a caring individual… not living with the expectations of an organisation

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