Women's Services

Support Group

Fille souriante

We support approximately 20 ladies a week through our drop-in service on Tuesday and Thursday 10 am to 2 pm, where a light lunch is provided as well as activities and a listening ear.
Support is available around benefits, housing, children, safety, money, debt, health and police or courts involvement. Trained staff and volunteers work alongside onsite specialist agencies to provide advice there and then as well as ongoing 1-1 work if required. We also provide a free clothes and food bank, pampering sessions, crafts and so on. There are computers to use and play area for preschool children.  

Language Cafe

15 non-native English speaking ladies regularly attend our weekly classes to improve their language skills in order to integrate into the community and find employment more easily.

It is a rolling syllabus so students can start and end at any time and each learner has a bespoke learning plan enabling ladies of different native languages and ability to participate at the same.

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Food and Faith

This weekly group offers ladies a space to explore and discuss faith over a meal together. 

We have a roof top garden where ladies are given the opportunity to grow vegetables  which can be used in our community cafe or they can take them home to share with their families. 

Gardening Project

Community Orders

We work with 175 ladies per year delivering community orders as an alternative to custodial sentences, enabling them to address their real life issues in order to reduce offending. 
In partnership with The National Probation Service & BeNCH CRC we deliver Rehabilitation Activity Requirements, Mental Health Treatment Requirements and Unpaid Work Orders (Community Payback).
Our criminal justice workers support women to take responsibility for their behaviour and to make positive life choices. 


Prison Work


We deliver monthly pastoral care visits within HMP Peterborough to women being released to Northamptonshire. Support is provided to help ladies positively transition from custody to community. We see up to 6 ladies per visit. 

Group Work

​We deliver gender specific, trauma-informed courses which help women work through events experienced and supports them through the recovery process. These courses give women the tools to make better and more positive decisions going forward. Bespoke groups address specific issues such as anger management, domestic abuse, self esteem & confidence.