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What we do

Service users have opportunities to learn and practice skills such as sewing and craft, gardening and healthy cooking. As well as life skills we run peer mentoring programmes that lead to volunteering opportunities and eventually employment.

It also provides a place to find holistic one-to-one support for issues from debt and domestic violence to homelessness and mental health. There are also hot desks for partners to work from, along with meeting spaces meaning that service users are able to meet their Wellbeing Coach, Probation Officer, Assistant Psychologist and other professionals all in one place.

Northampton Women's Centre 

We create a safe place where women engage in a variety of activities, support groups and have access to professional support in one place.
Support Worker

Northampton Women's Centre

C2C provides a safe, accepting, nurturing, supportive, anti discriminatory, advocating environment for all women.

Senior Probation Officer

HMP and probation service

“When I have visited the C2C premises, I have been struck by how welcoming it is.”

Service User

Northampton Women's Centre

C2C was somewhere that I could go where men could not abuse or hurt me in any way. It became my safe place.

Arm Around Shoulder

Healing Trauma

A 5-week course that is an intimate, safe, supportive, closed group for women who have experienced any type of trauma in their lives. The course covers topics such as: What is trauma? The process of trauma, self-care, and healthy relationships.

Healthy Cooking on a Budget

Women can learn how to make healthy meals using simple recipes they can cook again at home. Where possible, we use seasonal vegetables and fruit grown in our allotment to make the dishes even tastier.

Tuesdays 12pm - 2pm

C2C Sews

Participants make a complete item during each session, while learning useful skills and stitches to use at home.

Fridays  11am

Language Café

The six-week rolling syllabus, complete with bespoke learning plans, means learners can join at any stage. The sessions support with overcoming language and social barriers, helping women reintegrate into society, and build a support network.  

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Volunteer with us 

As a volunteer in Northampton you will provide us with vital support in the day to day running of our centre. As a community of women working hard to support, lift and care for one another we are looking for individuals with a positive presence who are willing to befriend and mentor.


Volunteers can help in many ways from making group lunches, sharing personal skills such as craft, cooking and hair and beauty or assisting us with reception, admin and fundraising.

Download our volunteer form below

Learn more about our allotment garden


If you are a professional seeking to complete a referral, or an individual needing 1 to 1 appointments around: domestic violence, housing, money management or benefits, health, substance abuse, police or court involvement, please call or email us to access our services.

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