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About Us

C2C Social Action works with individuals at any stage of the criminal justice system. With an aim to reduce reoffending we support, inspire and motivate people to move forward with their lives and give them the confidence to contribute positively to society. We work with women across Northamptonshire, and both women and men on projects in Milton Keynes.

Our Motive

Reoffending is a serious, and expensive, problem affecting every community:

“Reoffending weakens public confidence in the criminal justice system’s ability to deal with offenders. It also has a significant financial cost, not only to the criminal justice system, but to wider society"

Around 80% of individuals who were convicted or cautioned in 2018/9 already received at least one previous conviction or caution. 

"our current estimate of the total cost of reoffending is £18bn each year 

*A Smarter Approach to Sentencing [White Paper], Ministry of Justice, September 2020.

People within the criminal justice system may find themselves in that situation for a number of reasons. C2C believe a person’s life shouldn’t be defined by their biggest mistake.

Women Centered

womens webeing

Our female service users are some of the most vulnerable people in society, with multiple complex needs and experiencing social isolation. Their mental health needs could include anxiety, self-harm and eating disorders. Many will be victims of crime and have experienced childhood trauma, domestic violence, or perhaps even both.  

A criminal record, a history of addiction, homelessness and a lack of self-confidence and self-belief means that few of our women believe someone would give them another chance.


We provide our services to people of all faiths, or none, and regardless of their crimes, age, ethnicity, cultural background, gender Identity, sexuality, or disability.  

Our Impact

C2C supports these individuals (and their families) to move forward with their lives and contribute positively to their community. In our experience, addressing the underlying causes stands the best chance of ending the cycle of reoffending. 

In our Northampton women’s center and allotment project; our Kettering women’s center; and remotely, our support workers work one-to-one with service users to address the real-life causes of offending. We work alongside probation, NHS England, and multiple other statutory and voluntary agencies providing specialist support to help service users begin to move forward with their lives.

In 2020 we took on our first project in Milton Keynes, outside of Northamptonshire. We now work with women and men given Community Sentence Treatment Requirements (CSTRs) as an alternative to custody. We also run the Reconnect program and support the mental health of prison leavers being released into the town.


For some individuals, their journey to rehabilitation starts with discovering their self-esteem, motivation and a sense of purpose.  

Therapeutic projects such as gardening or sewing can help the service users learn new skills, and give them a confidence boost and a meaningful way to spend their time. 


Words from our Service Users

Service User

“Since coming to the allotment each week, I have noticed my mood improve and I now have something to look forward to.” 

Service User

“Just having someone who’s not blood show care towards me and not belittle me, made me not want to let any of you down. In turn it made me build myself to a point where I don’t want to let myself down now either.”

Service User

“The staff helped me look in the mirror every morning and say ‘I can do this, I want to be better, I am worth it’. I started to believe it.” 

Will you help us provide a second chance?

“We know what helps people escape the vicious cycle of crime: a job, a home, and substance misuse treatment*.” 

We receive statutory funding for our work with Probation and NHS England, and are enormously grateful for the support given by grant funders, the public and our volunteers.  

We want to expand our activities to reach more individuals If you want to help change lives and create safer, stronger communities, please consider supporting us.

*A Smarter Approach to Sentencing [White Paper], Ministry of Justice, September 2020.

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