About us


When C2C first started, it was with enormous support and encouragement from a few dear friends, and I remain grateful for their help.
Heather Ritchie was my partner in crime!
Rev. Elaine Roberts was and still is my mentor, overseeing me and this work all through the years until C2C gained charitable status.
Loyal friends and prayer supporters through the years and have given of their time and their financial support. I am so thankful to all of them. 
This plan looks back to where we started, outlines our achievements so far, and looks forward to the continuation and completion of our vision for improving the lives of people in the criminal justice system.

  Julie Parsons (Founder, Chair of Trustees) 

The story so far

C2C Social Action is a Northamptonshire based Christian Charity that offers practical and pastoral support to offenders, helping them turn away from crime.  This service is provided to people regardless of faith, or none, and regardless of their crimes, age, ethnic or cultural background, gender, sexuality or disability. 

Northants Police Sergeant Julie Parsons set up the registered charity in 2003.  Initially, the charity’s work focused on producing testimony magazines that were made available in Police cells in Northampton. These magazines have since been made available in Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire and Devon & Cornwall. C2C now operates a number of projects in Northamptonshire that offer practical and pastoral help and advice to offenders including addicts, alcoholics, sex worker, and sexually exploited people. The main aim of our work is to give our service users different choices to help them improve their lives.  We also work with their families to support the individual within their own community, and build better family relationships. This help is available to people regardless of whether they are interested in faith or not.

The issues addressed are centred around the pathways to reduce re-offending: Accommodation; Education; Training and Employment; Health, Drugs and Alcohol; Finance, Benefits and Debt; Children and Families; Attitudes, Thinking and Behaviour. 

The Trust is governed by a team of trustees. Paid staff and volunteers in the organisation are trained to the highest standards, and work tirelessly on the projects below to achieve the aims and objectives of the charity, and to meet targets set.

C2C support any individual at any stage

of the Criminal Justice System.

The structure

A number of staff and volunteers operate the various C2C projects. The Charity’s Trustees offer the management and provide direction for the organisation. The organisation re-structured in 2013 to enable most efficient service delivery.


The vision

C2C support any individual at any stage of the Criminal Justice System by inspiring and motivating them to take personal responsibility for their behaviour, in order to reduce re-offending. This has a huge impact on their lives, their children, wider families & local communities creating a safer, stronger Northamptonshire. 

Aims and objectives

Organisational Values

C2C trustees, staff and volunteers are keen to work within a Christian moral code to enable the delivery of excellent services and to help us achieve our objectives and outcomes.  

Integrity: We consistently achieve high standards through our professionalism, loyalty and reliability. We are committed to show tolerance, be open, honest and approachable. 
Trust: We maintain a safe, honest and supportive environment for staff, volunteers and service users.
Fairness: We demonstrate fairness and equality in all areas of our work.
Respect: We respect others individuality and point of view.
Commitment: We make the most efficient use of our resources and work to achieve our shared vision. 
Multi agency working: We recognise that the success of our projects and achievement of our aims relies heavily on our good working relationship with the statutory and voluntary agencies in the criminal justice system. We are committed to continue to work with these agencies in order to improve outcomes for our clients.



The main aim of our organisation is to offer help and support to individuals and families of individuals who are involved in the criminal justice system or who are at risk of being involved.


We aim to help these individuals restore their life, and positively contribute to the communities they live in.


We aim to reduce re-offending, and prevent people from entering into the criminal justice system.


We continually aim to extend the geographical reach of our organisation.


We aim to encourage and promote volunteering. 


To continue to work effectively with other public and voluntary organisations to ensure that we achieve our outcomes and make a difference in these individuals’ lives.

Over the years...

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