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Kettering Women's Centre

Our support equips women to believe in their potential, build self esteem, confidence, emotional regulation and wellbeing.

What we do

Kettering Women's Centre provides group sessions and one to one support at any stage of the criminal justice system.


The support that we offer is designed to equip women to believe in their potential, build self esteem, confidence, emotional regulation and wellbeing, in doing so we assist with life skills, budgeting, healthy lifestyle, form filling, mentoring training, volunteering opportunities, peer mentoring and wellbeing groups.


The centre provides a space for service users to meet their Wellbeing Coach, Probation Officer, Assistant Psychologist and other professionals all in one place. There are hot desks for partners to work from, along with meeting space.

Group therapy
See our new programme for September to November 2022

Ongoing Services

Shine Woman

A 9 week confidence building course designed to help women realise their true value, develop inner strength and resilience and to recognise that their lives have a purpose. 


Healing Trauma

A 5-week course that is an intimate, safe, supportive, closed group for women who have experienced any type of trauma in their lives.

The course covers topics such as: What is trauma? The process of trauma, self-care, and healthy relationships.

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C2C Glows

Inspiring empowerment, self-confidence & potential.

The programme is designed by the women who participate and changes every 3 weeks.

Come and try your hand at water colours, clay works or crochet for example and be amazed by what you can be achieve.


Walking wellness

We walk come rain or shine every Tuesday at 11:00am as its good for the soul, to connect, chat and breathe in the fresh air.


Our weekly programme

Shine Girl 2023

September - November Programme

These courses require enrolment and referrals. Please email us if you are interested.

Sept - Nov prog
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