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Loving God, you call us to turn our swords into ploughshares, and our spears into pruning hooks.

Begin your work of transformation in all whose lives are overshadowed by knife crime,

Replacing violence with peace,  grief with consolation, fear with your perfect love.

Where communities are broken, send your Holy Spirit to heal.

And show us how we can join in your great work of reconciliation,

As you  mend and restore all things

Through Jesus Christ our Lord


Today, we stand together as one.

We call for an end to the violence and aggression in our city that causes division, despair and death.

We long for a shared future where our homes and our streets are safe places again.

We declare that the power of love & forgiveness is stronger than the power of fear and revenge.

We will each play our part.

We will not be afraid.

Today we choose to believe in hope.


Prayer room sign up sheet

Sign up to our 24-7 prayer room.

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Knife Angel Prayer Padlet

Prayer for Northampton

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