Knife Angel 

Tour of Northamptonshire 2022

Our CEO Angie Kennedy has booked the Knife Angel to come on a tour of Northamptonshire, rescheduled to 30th April-28th May 2022. 


The “National Monument Against Violence and Aggression,” more commonly known as the “Knife Angel,” stands 27 feet tall and is made of over 100,000 knives, confiscated by 43 Police Forces across the country. Thirty percent of the knives used in the sculpture were bloodied on arrival and came in biohazard bags. As part of a project called “Save a Life, Surrender your Knife,” the National Ironworks Centre (in Shropshire) organised more than 40 amnesties and 200 knife banks at its own cost. 

Mr Bradley, the creator, describes it as "a memorial to those whose lives have been affected by knife crime". C2C Social Action will use the angelic visitation to Northamptonshire to work alongside a range of organisations in an intensive youth activity programme, in partnership with Northamptonshire Police, the Office of Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, and councils, schools, clubs and churches from around the county. 

Church Interior



  • Queensway Medical Centre

  • Hemmingwell Community Centre

  • Town - Angel Lane


  • Spencer Park


  • Saffron Park


  • High Street public toilets

Church Interior

Knife Angel Prayer Guide.


Help us to reach our goal of 10,000 sign ups to become a youth anti violence ambassador.


Locations & Dates

We’re taking the unprecedented step of moving the Angel instead of leaving it in one place for the month’s visit here in our county, Northamptonshire. It will come to Northampton first, then this exciting event will take place in Wellingborough, while on its way to Corby. It’s particularly poignant for Wellingborough in light of recent tragic events.

Sat 30th April - Arrives in Northampton

 All Saints Plaza

Sat 7th MayNN off the streets event 

Market Square, Northampton

Sat 14th May - Arrives in Wellingborough

 Old Grammarians Sports Field


Sat 14th May - Arrives in Corby

 Willow Place 

Leaves 28th May


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